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Effective FAD:
3,91 - 7,52 m3/min

139 - 266 cfm

Presure range:
7,5 - 13 bar

110 - 190 psig

Motor Range:

30 - 45 kW
40 - 60 PS



Safe and cost-effective . . . .

Oil free class 0 compressed air:


The BOGE BLUEKAT screw compressor series is engineered to produce class 0 oil free compressed air and to additionally eliminate expensive condensate disposal. The operating principle of the integrated converter provides absolute safety and unbeatable cost effectiveness. It is ideally suited for industrial applications which require absolutely clean oil free compressed air.


The advantages of the BOGE BLUEKAT models:


  • absolutely oil free compressed air
    integrated converter oxidise the oil contained in the compressed air into carbon dioxide and water; the treated compressed air is in accordance with ISO class 0;  and any condensate left is oil free


  • safe compressed air production
    tested and certified BOGE components guarantee safe class 0 compressed air for the pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor and food industries


  • durable BOGE converter
    BOGE converter equipped with overload protection; under normal operating conditions, expected 5-year service life until overhaul (in line with TÜV [Technical Inspection Authority] deadline for air receiver)


  • demand oriented operation
    BOGE SLF 40 BLUEKAT is able to flexibly adapt the speed of both the drive motor and air end - frequency controlled for maximum efficiency


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BOGE BlueKat Models . . .

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