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BOGE Activated Carbon Adsorbers . . . 

BOGE F M Series, Microfilters


DCZ Series


Activated carbon adsorbers are recommended for installation downstream of compressed air dryers with filters, in order to eliminate odour and clean any residual oil aerosols to 0.003 mg/m3.


Even after filtering out solid and liquid contaminants up to 0.01 μm, and installing a compressed air dryer, compressed air can still contain oil vapour.
Oil vapour can be passed by the compressor or be drawn in from the atmosphere. Oil contamination can depend on the type of oil and the temperature of operation.


The BOGE DC activated carbon adsorber is used wherever there is the requirement for the highest quality compressed air. The compressed air flows from top to bottom of the adsorber vessel, through a bed of special activated carbon. Optimal contact time, air flow-rate, bed depth and the quality of the activated carbon ensure high-quality compressed air.


The advantages of using the BOGE DC activated carbon adsorber


  • Large volume of activated carbon
    - 'Technically' oil-free, breathing quality air at 0.003 mg/m3

  • Optimum technical design
    - high-quality compressed air

  • Oil indicator supplied as standard
    - ensures consistent air quality

  • Optional FP (dust) filter fitted upstream extends active carbon life
    - reduced maintenance downtime


For safety reasons, it is recommended that a V series filter should also be installed downstream (option), as very fine solid particles from the activated carbon bed may contaminate the compressed air.


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Technical data


Flow capacity:

8 - 950 m3/h
4 - 559 cfm


Max. operating pressure:
16 bar, 230 psig




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