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Quality + state-of-the-art technology + energy efficiency = BOGE Compressors

Precisely working single components along with complex system solutions are some of the reasons why BOGE compressors are quality products in demand. Technically mature - from the idea to their customer specific use - BOGE compressors incorporate reliable precision next to the highest quality standards and are never shipped until they have successfully passed the strictest quality controls.The vast BOGE compressor programme from 0.4 to 355 kW, 0.1 to 51,4 m³/min and 4 to 40 bar 


Compressors are machines for compressing air. Strictly speaking, even conventional bellows can be classed as mechanical compressors. Compressors reduce the volume of the airend use airends that can be regulated in different ways to produce the level of compression which the compressed air system requires. Compressors are available in a range of types and models.

The compressor builds up a store of compressed air in the receiver. This allows the demand for compressed air to be satisfied intermittently from the store of compressed air in the receiver. The compressor does not supply any compressed air during these times. It remains in standby and does not use any electricity. In addition, fluctuations in the demand for compressed air in the air network are balanced out and peak demand can be satisfied, while the motor starts up less often and motor wear is reduced as a result.

Piston Compressors


Piston Compressors  Oil Lubricated -:      


                                                 SRD 125 - 250 Series

                                                 SBD 125 - 250 Series

                                                 SRD 350 - 1000 Series

                                                 SBD 350 - 1000 Series

                                                 SR / SRM / SRH Series

                                                 SB / SBM Series

                                                 SC Series

                                                 RM / RH Series

                                                 SRMV / SRHV Boosters



Piston Compressors Oil Free -: 


                                                 PO Series 

                                                 K Series

                                                 K Booster

                                                 ASO & ASOL

                                                 BSO & BSOL

                                                 BSO L DM

Screw Compressors


Screw Compressors Oil Injected -:


                                                 C Module

                                                 CL / CLD Series upto 7.5kw

                                                 CL / CLD Series upto 15kw

                                                 C - CD Series upto 7.5kw

                                                 C - CD Series upto 22kw

                                                 CDR Series upto 11kw


                                                 S Series & S-3 New Generation

                                                 S from 110kw

                                                 SL upto 75kw

                                                 SG upto 110kw

                                                 SL from 200kw



Screw Compressors Oil Injected  Frequency Controlled -:


                                                CLF / CLFD Series

                                                CF / CFD Series

                                                SF / SLF-3 

                                                SLF Series



Screw Compressors  Oil Free -:


                                                SO 61 A & SO 126 A

                                                SO 61-2W & SO 480 -2W



Screw Compressors Oil Free Frequency Controlled -:


                                                SO 61 FA & SO 126 FA

                                                SO  61- 2 FA  & SO 480 - 2FA     


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