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Air Gas Compressor Specialists specialise in the servicing of all brands of compressors, dryers, nitrogen generation systems, vacuum pumps and we are recognised distributors of Boge, Donaldsons/Ultra Filter, SMC Pneumatics and Murphy switch gauges and parts.


  • Full workshop facilities, experienced technical staff, mobile onsite services and a 24 hour 7 days per week callout service.


  • Specalist servicing of all leading brands of compressors, nitrogen systems, vacuum pumps, dryers, blowers and filtration systems


  • Our technicians can also perform full onsite auditing of compressed air systems and dryers to minimise wastage, maximise efficiency and reduce costs.


  • Ask us about Turnkey solutions for new equipment


  • We can help you access the best type of compressor and compressed air systems for your business requirements to fit your budget.


  • We offer the widest range of compressed air and vacuum solutions available on the market to suit every customer’s needs.


  • The use of original BOGE parts. . .  exclusively originate from BOGE. . . . If BOGE is written on it, BOGE is contained in it.






Call us today if you are looking for parts and servicing of your existing equipment.


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