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We offer a full range of portable diesel and electric compressors. . . . .

  • High pressure and Low pressure

  • Oil Free and Oil Lubricated

  • Screw / Turboscrew / Piston

  • Variable speed and Base load.

  • Diesel and Electric

  • Booster Units


from 10cfm to 400cfm  7 bar to 14 bar / 100 psi to 200 psi Portable Diesel Compressors

from 400cfm to 1600cfm 8 bar to 35 bar / 116 psi to 550 psi  Portable Diesel Compressors

1200pts Oil Free 8 bar / 116 psi Portable Diesel Compressors

0cfm to 1600cfm 1 bar to 13 bar / 14.7psi to 195psi  / 2.2kw to 250kw / 3hp to 335hp Base Load or Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Electric Compressors Oil Free and Oil Flooded

Booster Unit:

RIX Booster VSD Electric - Inlet Pressure: 10 bar / 145psi Outlet Pressure: 106 bar / 1550psi

BOGE SRHV 470-10 Booster Electric - 40bar 18.5Kw 







We are extremely proud of our range of hire equipment, and have systems in place to ensure that all our hire equipment has been fully workshop tested and ready to go when you need them, meaning you can hit the ground running.


We’re ready and willing to help when you are, so call us today and let’s discuss the optimum hire solution for your business / your latest project / maintenance / shutdown outage


Email us with any enquiries or Call us on 0800 247 349


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