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PRODUCTS: BOGE - Best Of German Engineering

Introduction Boge - The Company:




Compressors and compressed air systems meeting the highest demands, offering Screw compressors, Piston compressors, Oil lubricated or Oil free, complete plants or single equipment units.


BOGE is in a position to fulfil the most varying requirements and meet the highest demands in a precise and quality conscious manner. When it comes to compressed air supply, many industries prefer to rely on efficient system solutions: the food industry, the steel industry, the plastics industry as well as pharmaceutical companies.


BOGE is one of the market leaders as well as one of the oldest compressor manufacturers in Germany with 111 years of experience. Around 600 highly qualified employees together with the management consider themselves to be responsible for product developments that adopt state-of-the-art thinking. Optimised machining tolerances and first class materials ensure highest efficiency and dependability to underpin continued growth and success.


BOGE is proud that their compressors and compressed air systems are satisfying the needs of customers in more than 120 countries all over the world.


Line filters and dryers as well as condensate management equipment correctly specified to meet customer requirements are also part of the BOGE product range.

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