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BOGE airtelligence plus - The benefits are six-fold


A real plus for efficient operation


BOGE airtelligence plus allows you to control any combination of up to six fixed speed or frequency controlled compressors in a combined compressor system. The base load switch control enables the user to synchronise the operation of all compressors in the system, thus reducing service costs and simultaneously increasing compressed air supply. This is how simple and cost effective BOGE efficiency can be!


The plus’ are six-fold with BOGE airtelligence plus


  • LCD 4" colour display screen with plain text display

  • visual display of operating conditions and parameters

  • user friendly and intuitive operation

  • fast connection with a minimum of wiring using the BUS interface

  • weekly timer offers 50 channels for programming compressor operation including switch-off times, e.g. overnight

  • compatible with previous generation BOGE compressors and most other compressor makes and models


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Boge airtelligence plus

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