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Base control / Focus control 2.0



  • 5 parameters in main display

  • In situ software update possible

  • Code programmable

  • Automatic antifreeze operation

  • Auto restart

  • Potential-free contacts for messages (retrofittable)

THE VERSATILE VERSION: focus control 2.0

Additional functionality:


  • Multi-coloured LCD display with capacitive keys

  • Control of up to 4 fixed and/or frequency-controlled compressors

  • Can receive RFID signals - makes logging in to the control more comfortable

  • Updates can be made directly via USB stick or via a laptop serial interface

Other interesting features of focus control 2.0:


  • 4 configurable digital error inputs for freely allocating the downstream processing components: Adjust the control according to your needs!

  • Monitoring of motor winding temperature and automatic greasing of motor bearing (optional): Use this function to display the condition of your motor any time!

  • Connecting an external mains pressure sensor: Retrieve mains pressure on the receiver!


BOGE Leakage Monitor : Cuts costs in compressed air production


Manage and save your costs by simple use of the BOGE leakage monitor. Leakages tend to occur in almost every compressed air network. The BOGE leakage monitor serves to detect and help you successfully remove such leakages easily.

Due to this particular BOGE developed option, compressed air losses are measured and shown in the display of the compressor control. This will allow you to plan a repair programme to eliminate these leakages in order to cut energy costs.

By the way: In accordance with the BOGE efficiency principle, all new BOGE BASIC and FOCUS controls are equipped with the BOGE leakage monitor as standard.


Advantages of the BOGE Leakage Monitor:


  • dependable, automatic measurement

  • automatic detection of the amount of leakage during compressor motor turn-off times.

  • free-of-charge, retrofit leakage monitoring

  • easy to install software update for existing BOGE compressors at no charge.

  • convenient optimisation of compressed air production

  • eliminate compressed air losses and save costs with the BOGE leakage monitor



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