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BOGE C SERIES: Maximum performance in a minimum space . . . .


Undisputed compact class, everything's included!


The BOGE C series is as compact as powerful. The compressors are extremely compact and get to the heart of performance reality. The design advantages of the C series can not be ignored. This compressor unit simply has everything.


Two compact modules - one philosophy
The design advantages of the
BOGE C series:

  • Latest multifunctional intake control with integrated 2/3 way solenoid control valve
    - no leaks, functional reliability

  • Silenced intake filter with paper filter cartridge
    - filter separates 99.9 percent of all particles larger than 3 µm

  • Minimum pressure / check valve, integrated design
    - no pipes, no leaks

  • BOGE airend with BOGE special profile and HD bearing 
    - high FAD at low energy consumption, outstanding availability

  • Gray cast iron casing with silencing properties
    - sound insulation at its source, oil sump at lowest point

  • Thermostatic oil volume control
    - easily accessible from the outside

  • CNC machined casing
    - minimisation of leakage points







Direct or belt drive, your option

  • electric motor drive (50 or 60 Hz)

  • hydraulic drive

  • Boge rotary screw technology

  • drive shaft


Calm and quiet

  • minimum noise generation

  • extremely sound absorbing graphite mould

  • almost zero vibration


Location, your option

  • stationary in machines

  • mobile in vehicles

  • ideally suited for limited space



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Effective FAD:
0,34 - 2,25 m3/min
12 - 80 cfm

Pressure range:
10 bar
145 psig

Drive rating:
2,2 - 15 kW
3 - 20 PS

The integration of all essential BOGE components serves to eliminate pipe work and connection pipes. This virtually eliminates the potential for any oil leaks.

All maintenance operations and access to wearing parts is easily accessible, without the need to strip down the compressor.

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