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BOGE airstatus: Details on App


This App enables you to keep an eye on the status of your BOGE compressors and compressed air stations at any time. Irrespective of your location, any number of BOGE stations can be monitored worldwide. Access to a demo allows you to acquaint yourself with the wide range of information available. Use the demo access (user: demo u2 / password: demo2) to access live BOGE compressors with real time data.


After login, you will be able to select a compressor or a compressed air station and to have further compressor details displayed at request. The App is designed to provide important information on the runtime of the unit, the current operating status, the maintenance level as well as other useful details and technical values. Holding your iPhone horizontally with the component view, detailed information on the component will be clearly displayed in graphic or information text form, enabling you to choose from different time periods.


Further compressors and compressed air stations can be added, modified or deleted at any time by accessing to the BOGE airstatus web service.


Finally this App is intended for the user and rights management of your compressor stations.


Remark: Please note that an internet connection is required.



















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