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Efficiency in every detail...The DS Series Refrigerant Dryers.



When it comes to energy efficient compressed air drying, not only is the energy consumption of the dryer a key factor but the power consumption of the compressor is of even greater importance. Just a small decrease in pressure loss across the dryer means a reduction in generation pressure which in turn saves energy


Due to the compact layout design coupled to the built in energy saving components the BOGE DS Series Dryers are able to operate with extremely low pressure differentials compared to traditional refrigerant dryers. And, don’t forget; each one bar reduction in generation pressure saves around six percent in energy consumption. The DS series dryers are therefore not only inherently energy effi cient but they will also reduce the energy consumption of the compressor itself.






























The DS Series Refrigerant Dryers are extremely energy efficient. The patented design of the heat exchanger and its particularly generously dimensioned and optimal airflow not only ensure an energy efficient drying process but also extremely low pressure differentials which consequently reduce the power consumption of the compressor. This creates a larger savings potential than just the dryer alone.
















The DS series is equipped with an innovative control including an integrated energy saving function which ensures a particularly low power consumption of the dryer. It is also able to adapt the energy consumption to the actual prevailing operating conditions. Temperature fluctuations - due to seasonal variations and other factors - are measured by sensors and sent to the control system. The energy saving control unit serves to minimise the energy consumption and to reduce costs - at a constant pressure dew point.



















The BOGE efficiency edge: a total cost comparison shows that reduced pressure losses and low energy consumption ensure a rapid pay back period on the DS series dryers - a clear advantage for both the environment and your investment.


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Technical data

DS series:

0,2 - 180 m3/min

7 - 6356 cfm

Max. operating pressure:

16 / 14 bar

235 / 203 psig

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