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its the original that counts... From BOGE


Screw compressors, piston compressors, compressed air dryers and the comprehensive accessories programme of BOGE are designed to meet the highest quality requirements.


A detailed maintenance list will give information on repairs and the use of original BOGE parts and replacement of wear parts.......And they exclusively originate from BOGE.


If BOGE is written on it, BOGE is contained in it.


Only the use of original BOGE parts guarantees proper functioning of your machines and equipment after repair or maintenance.


Original BOGE spare and wear parts have the technological edge of the manufacturer and are subject to the strictest test criteria: optimum fitting accuracy, highest quality material, durability, and unlimited functionality.


Use original BOGE spare parts to extend the service life of your installation and to increase its resale value.


Note: Preventive maintenance helps to avoid emergency repairs or operational downtimes.


Original spare parts - fast, safe and easy from Air Gas Compressor Specialists


Check out our Clever Cairpac Service Packages




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