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The heart of every BOGE Screw Compressor: The reliable and efficient airend. . .


For more than three decades BOGE screw compressors“Made in Germany” have stood the test of time: in industry and trade - from the one-man workshop to the automotive industry and the large refineries.


Today, BOGE screw compressors have much more to offer than just compressed air: state-of-the-art technology, a modular design concept and maximum energy effi ciency ensures that they meet the high reliability and efficiency sandards customers have come to expect from BOGE.


Nature does not waste energy. Our screw compressors are also built using this principle.


Intelligent engineering from BOGE: The three main sections of the BOGE screw compressor (electrics & drive, compressor, independent cooling unit) are strategically aligned in the main cooling air flow: for maximum efficiency and service life.


Efficiency made easy: According to our engineers, the design of the BOGE screw compressor is very much based on the principles of nature.

High outputs, effective oil separation, and an extremely long service life of the component parts ensure that energy consumption is optimised.


The heart of every BOGE screw compressor: The reliable and efficient airend.


Everything is cutting edge: The BOGE airend is the heart of the BOGE screw compressor. Engineered to exacting tolerances the BOGE airend combines quality and effi ciency with long service life making it one of the best of its kind and a sound long-term investment for our customers.


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