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BOGE SO 61A - SO 126A: Oil-free compressed air of the highest standard coupled with maximum efficiency and service life. . . . .


Direct drive: SO 61 A - SO 126 A (air cooled)


The SO series sets standards for efficient and reliable generation of absolutely oil-free compressed air. The intelligent design and innovative cooling principle offer clear advantages in day-to-day operation: lower energy costs, lower maintenance costs and greater reliability!

The air cooled screw compressors in this range use the latest technology to produce oil-free compressed air for sensitive applications - including the pharmaceutical, food and semiconductor industries. 


Advantages at a glance:

  • Reliable supply of oil-free air thanks to ideal atmospheric separation of the gear unit and the compression chambers through the two-stage air end

  • High efficiency due to the precision-engineered asymmetrical screw profile

  • Wear-free running due to the use of synchronised rotor gears

  • Additional motor reserves for challenging operating conditions

  • Long service life of the motor due to installation in the cooling air intake section and PTC resistor protection

  • Maintenance-friendly due to intelligent design with components positioned for easy access 

  • The high-quality materials and fewer wearing parts make for minimal maintenance costs and a long service life

  • Available with optional cowl cooler, heat recovery, or HOC adsorption dryer for practically energy-free compressed air drying to -40°C


Air cooled in BOGE quality, absolutely oil-free compressed air.




BOGE SO 61A - SO 126A

FAD 50 Hz:
5,25 - 13,01 m3/min

185 - 459 cfm


FAC 60 Hz:

5,11 - 13,08 m3/min

180 - 462 cfm

Presure range:
8 - 10 bar

115 - 150 psig

Motor Range:

45 - 90 kW
60 - 125 HP

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