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C DR SERIES upto 11kw

BOGE C DR SERIES: the flexiable comprehensive solution . . . .


Undisputed compact class, everything's included!


Wherever space plays a role, the BOGE C (D)R series comes into its own, because its small footprint allows it to be installed at the workplace, right where it is needed.


Each of the individual elements - from the receiver to the optional refrigerant dryer and oil/water separator - come ready assembled and are delivered as a compact unit, ready for connection. In addition, the super silenced sound insulation ensures particularly quiet running.


The pre-assembled pipework ensures that both the installation work and the space required are kept to an absolute minimum.


CONFIDENTLY CONTROLLED: The base control unit with LC display and pressure sensor system is included as standard. However, the focus control 2.0 unit is also available as an option, with its integrated efficiency indicator, well-proven BOGE leakage monitor and even an RFID input.


PERFECTLY INTEGRATED: The C series compressors are intelligently designed, with all of the essential components integrated in the compact module. The lack of hoses and connection pipes makes it practically impossible for leaks to occur. It also allows pressure losses to be minimised.


HIGHLY EFFICIENT: High air delivery rates achieved with particularly low power input - this is the trademark of the special BOGE airend of the C series compressor . The top efficiency ratings are also partly due to the intelligent arrangement of the components. All in the interest of producing consistently highquality compressed air.


EFFECTIVELY UNITED: Where space is at a premium: the C (D)R series combines a dryer and tank on a remarkably small floor area and runs with gratifying quietness - which means it can be used directly at the workplace. Numerous treatment and filtering options make the system a flexible allrounder.
















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Effective FAD:
0,28 - 1,74 m³/min

10 - 61 cfm

Presure range:
8 - 13 bar

115 - 190 psig

Rated power:

3 - 11 kW
4 - 15 PS

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