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Why does condensate from oil-lubricated compressors need to be treated?


Unless condensate is treated or removed completely, then serious environmental damage can occur. Only 1 Litre of condensate is required to contaminate 1.000.000 Litres of water!


All industrial nations now forbid the drainage of condensate from oil-lubricated compressors into main drains. Laws now require the separation of condensate into oil and water and only allow water to be drained away.


The condensate cleaner for top performance:
BOGE CC condensate cleaner works according to a novel fatigue tested and proven principle. The condensate passes through two powerful filter elements made of specially manufactured plastic fi bres followed by a high quality active carbon fi lter. Advantages: No liquid oil residues; extended fi lter replacement intervals; effective with both synthetic coolants as well as conventional mineral oils.


Thanks to high quality active carbon and polypropylene fi lter elements, the
BOGE CC series models are extremely effi cient and provide optimum condensate cleaning in an easy and effective manner. Maintenance costs will also be considerably less as a result of the large fi lter surface area.


BOGE CC series models are compatible with all types of oils and lubricants and are therefore suited for any type of compressor station. Furthermore, they require less space than traditional units.


Disposal of the fi lter elements could not be simpler! They can be lifted directly from the unit and replaced with ease. Furthermore, there are no containers with liquid oil residues eliminating further environmental disposal costs.


Boge CC series models come with a German Institute for Construction Technology certifi cate and are fully compliant with the requirements laid out in the German water resources law (WHG).










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