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Oil-free at 40 bar: BOGE K 8 BOOSTER.


In all places, where production processes require absolutely oil-free compressed air and especially a high pressure, the BOGE K 8 BOOSTER is in his element.

It takes in pre-compressed and pre-treated compressed air from an existing network or from a low pressure compressor and compresses it to the required higher final pressure.

From the start the innovating push rod system functions without oil and enables at the same time an absolutely low-maintenance and low-wear operation.

Everybody who wants to compress to maximum pressure in an economic and oil-free way welcomes BOGE K 8 BOOSTER as a new initiative!



Pure power!

  • oil-free booster compressor

  • from an inlet pressure of  10 bar to a final pressure of max. 40 bar

  • unique in the category up to 5.5 kW

Pure efficiency!

  • no treatment needed

  • low-wear operation

  • BASIC-control and IE3 motor for energy-efficient operation

Clear lead!

  • reciprocating duct according to push rod principle

  • intelligent cooling air duct

  • compact construction

Clean result.

absolutely oil-free generated compressed air
ideal for sensitive application areas



The BOGE K 8 BOOSTER: The pure power pack is used, among other things, for the production of PET bottles, in the fields of the pharmaceutical, health and food industry or in the production of electronic components.






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1160 l/min
40,96 cfm

Max. pressure:
40 bar
600 psig

Motor size:
5,5 kW
7,5 PS

* model specific 

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