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K SERIES - Perfect PAIRformance


This is exactly what you need: 100% pure compressed air up to 40 bar

A piston compressor?
Yes, indeed!!


But in an entirely new and compact design.

The K series represents the latest compressor technology for oil-free compression with the minimalist of wear.

Oil level checks are no longer required and neither are belt replacements.


BOGE K-type models are designed for one-stage compression up to 10 bar and two-stage compression up to 40 bar at favourable prices and offering cost effective operational costs.


  • Innovative drive (push rod principle)

  • Precise cooling air guidance

  • Low inside hood temperature

  • Intense low temperature cooling

  • Modern machine control system

  • Completely ready to install


Switch to oil-free:

  • And save money!

  • During operation. Reduced downstream air treatment costs.

  • Condensate treatment eliminated.

  • Reduced service time costs.

  • Reduced service component costs.

  • Modular design means easy expansion.

  • K means reduced energy consumption.









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Effective FAD:
244 - 1296 l/min
9 - 46 cfm

Pressure range:
10 - 40 bar
150 - 600 psig

Rated power:
2,2 - 11 kW
3 - 15 HP 

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