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BOGE Paintline: Extremely pure, oil-free compressed air . . . .


The "all-in-one" compressed-air system for high-quality surface coating.


Optimal results in surface treatment are your goal. With the new BOGE Paintline, this is now possible in great quantities.


The BOGE Paintline generates and filters extremely pure, oil-free compressed air, with a performance range of 5.5 to 22 kW. The "all-in-one" compressed air system for high-quality surface coating produces compelling results in both trade and industry.


BOGE Paintline: efficient, low-maintenance, reliable
Take advantage of the perfectly attuned system comprising compressed air generation, compressed air treatment and condensate disposal, in tried-and-tested
BOGE premium quality.

The ideal interaction between all of the components is what makes the BOGE Paintline so efficient and low-maintenance. And a high level of availability pays dividends, as you know!


With activated carbon adsorber and filter for at least 3,000 operating hours
The basis of the
BOGE Paintline is a C-series screw compressor in combination with a special filtering system. This enables you to achieve purity class 1 in the case of solid impurities and residual oil content, and class 4 in the case of water content. An oil-water separator is also integrated in the system in order to treat the oil-contaminated condensate. All of the components have a service life of at least 3,000 operating hours, which corresponds optimally to the servicing intervals of the BOGE compressor. The BOGE DUOTHERM heat recovery system can be integrated if required.


Advantages of the BOGE Paintline at a glance


All-in-one compressed-air system
BOGE supplies a complete system, with all of the components required for compressed-air generation and filtering. A perfect fit and ready for operation, without the need for time-consuming pipework or cabling.


BOGE premium quality

The BOGE Paintline system is based on guaranteed premium quality, through and through: all BOGE components are wear-resistant and maintenance friendly, since high quality and diligence take priority in the manufacturing process too.


Maximum efficiency

The optionally integrated frequency control and BOGE DUOTHERM heat recovery systems ensure that the BOGE Paintline operates with maximum efficiency.


High operational readiness
BOGE Paintline’s activated carbon filtering unit has a service life of at least 3,000 operating hours and is also easy to exchange, since it is a cartridge-type filter system


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Effective FAD:
0,24 - 3,73 m3/min8 - 131 cfm

Presure range:
7,5 - 13 bar

110 - 190 psig

Rated power:

5,5 - 22 kW
7,5 - 30 PS

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