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BOGE S-3 New Generation

BOGE S-3 New Generation Series: Top quality exceeded again. . . . .


The BOGE S series has set standards in efficient and reliable compressed air production. BOGE has improved one of the best screw compressor ranges on the market even further. While maintaining the proven design philosophy, a significant optimisation was achieved in terms of efficiency, smooth running properties and sound pressure level. Please look forward to the best ever S series!


Advantages of the new generation S series:


More efficient.... with BOGE’s new air end effilence and the improved oil separation system, the optimised S series operates more efficiently than ever before.


Quieter.... with its newly designed fan unit and half-speed operation and the resulting minimised sound pressure level, the optimised S-series is quieter than ever before.


Proven details of the S series:


  • FOCUS control with numerous monitoring and control features

  • Self-sufficient cooling system with separate fan

  • Suction filter with micro paper element

  • Highly efficient IE3 motor

  • Intelligent cooling air circulation

  • Internal pipework made of steel tubing

  • Valveless oil circuit with multifunction suction regulator

  • Integrated switch cabinet

  • Maintenance-friendly design


Quieter, more efficient, better - discover the new generation of the BOGE S series!


The following machines of the new S series are already available:

S 31-3 to S 150-3 SD 40-3 to SD 150-3

The New Milestone - BOGE S-4

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Effective FAD:
2,70 - 19,13 m3/min

95 - 675 cfm

Presure range:
8-13 bar

115-190 psig

Motor Range:

22 - 110 kw
40- 150 HP

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