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BOGE SLF Series: Saving energy and space . . . .


High output with total control


Adjusting the motor speed to fulfil the varying free air delivery requirements is the most efficient operating method when the system has considerable fluctuations, limited air receiver capacity or when the compressor is operating as peak load compressor.


Advantages of frequency control:


  • Smooth starting and stopping within seconds

  • Continuous volume flow control from 25 to 100%

  • Flexible adaptation of free air delivery

  • Reduced costs for wearing parts and maintenance

  • No start-up current peaks (energy saving!)

  • Constant net pressure +/- 0.1 bar (energy saving!)

  • Almost no idle operation (energy saving!)

  • Matches demand perfectly

  • Controls pressure precisely

  • Optional radial fan or super-silencing for significant sound pressure reduction


The BOGE SLF series combines a direct coupled drive system with frequency control to provide the ultimate compressor for pressure control under variable output requirements.
In this direct coupled series the frequency convertor assures the smoothest possible transition from 25-100% to maintain pressure and output perfectly.


An energy efficient FOCUS control is also a standard feature of the SLF series. The respective operating conditions are clearly and precisely visible via an LCD display.
The SLF series operates the airend within its optimum range and by changing the speed of both motor and rotor the compressed air output adapts to the actual demand. Expensive idling times and motor switches are avoided. At the same time a tighter pressure band can be set, also helping to save energy.


Synchronisation of pressure value and free air delivery: Economical due to flexibility


Special Feature:
By adjusting the airend speed utilising frequency regulation not only adjusts the output (FAD) but can also adjust the pressure (bar).
The SLF series compressors can therefore operate at 8, 10 or 13 bar pressures.



Effective FAD:
20,36 - 34,7 m3/min

719 - 1225 cfm

Presure range:
8 - 13 bar115 - 190 psig

Rated Motor:

160 - 200 kW

220 - 270 HP 

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