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BOGE SL Series: Direct Saving. . . . .


SL series with direct drive


The BOGE SL series of screw compressors are direct coupled - therefore transmission losses are virtually eliminated.

The SL series is a logical extension of the range to complement the

S series and utilises the standard modular build system:

- Airend
- BOGE control and monitoring system


The increased output and significantly lower power used by the drive motor allows the SL series to operate economically, even at reduced pressure.

The SL series offers all the options offered in the S series and is therefore flexible enough to adjust to individual operating conditions.


  • Direct coupled airend
    - The most economical way to produce compressed air

  • BOGE control, regulating and monitoring system
    - customised, adaptable, economical, reliable

  • Divided into three clearly defined sections
    - easy access to all components

  • BOGE airend with state-of-the-art optimum performance screw profile
    - small specific power requirement, greater economy

  • Dynamic, fail-safe intake controller
    - designed for proportional regulation as standard

  • Small warm air section, complete autonomous cooling unit
    - compressor can also operate with the cabinet open for testing or maintenance purposes

  • Soundproofed lining in robust, nylon laminated mineral fibre mat
    - very good soundproofing, oil repellent, washable

  • Valve-less oil circuit with no oil-stop valve and no check valve
    - high reliability

  • Vibration damped base and sub-frame
    - reduced transmission of structure-borne sound

  • Torsionally rigid, sealed, base frame
    - for easy transport with a pallet truck or forklift truck

  • Horizontally mounted combi-tank, multiple oil pre-separation, fast de-aeration and low foam formation
    - low residual oil content of only 1-3 mg/m3 in every operating phase 

  • DIN and VDE switch cabinets, protected to IP 54
    - clearly laid out and protected against ingress of dust and dirt

  • Three-phase ISO class F asynchronous motor
    - additional motor reserves for difficult operating conditions, long service life due to position in the cold air intake area, as well as thermistor protection




Effective FAD:
33,0 - 43,7 m3/min

1166 - 1544 cfm

Presure range:
8 - 13 bar

115 - 190 psig

Motor Range:

200 - 355 kW
270 - 480 HP 

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